NCPT13 – The Nance Natal Day Clash – Thursday October 11th – Results

Some Biden-esque commentary from our winner Mr. Hammerschlag:

After a long night of rope a dope, my ak suited lost to william’s all in call with a3, putting me on the felt with 7 players remaining. Zinn, who was down to 3k in chips managed to double up against fort knox matt, beginning his comeback to eventually become the chip leader. Nancy almost made it a birthday win, but just fell short, ending the night in 5th place. Payback’s a bitch as my ak doubled up against william’s aj, leaving zinn me and matt as the final 3.  My kk knocked out zinn and it was heads up vs the slightly ahead matt. Half hour of all ins came down to my a9 hitting an ace beating matts busted flush draw. Koby also hung around all night playing well and finishing 6th.

Translating and Corrections – Gregg did come in first even after a horrible beat early on from William left him with few chips.  Matt, who had over 50% of the chips when down to 6 players and amassed 7 kills on the night, ended up finishing in 2nd.  Our slow rolling, marathoner, poet put on another good show taking third.  And Kobi edged out our Birthday girl to place 4th.…and I ate way too much cake.