NCPT13 – The Costanza Game – May 9th – Status – Results

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! It was really nice to have better hands hold up and to suck out on someone else for a change! Someday, I wish to enjoy flopping a full house or a straight like Begs but I’ll have to wait till I’m really good! A thank you to Zinn for not being present and giving me a chance!  A big shout out to Dave for waiting for what felt like eternity and intermittently singing “Ladies Night” and Larry for pacing around like and expectant father, repeatedly telling the Doctor and Paul that he was rooting for me! For the rest of my life I will remember Larry picking me up, swinging me around in a tight hug- as we were jumping up and down Dave was rounding the table, coming in to join us-then Doc, then Paul, then the dealer!  It was priceless!  I really wish we had video of that moment-best, most memorable  group hug EVER – freekin’ hysterical!
Monkey off my back is an understatement! I’m not sure how you play in this league (only missing I think 2 games-Panama and surgery) and never come in first place! It was making me mental and fucking with my poker self- esteem! So NOW…..much to everyone’s delight, I will no longer be bitching and moaning about never coming in first! This will especially please Schiowitz, so I’ll have to come up with additional things to annoy him!  See you all next game! Waaahoooo!

The placenta was delicious and I’m pretty sure I came in 2nd. It’s the story of my life: always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Congratulations to Nancy on a great tournament!

On May 10, 2013, at 6:07 PM, David Perlmutter

Paul was looking pretty invincible for a while, especially when he knocked out Dan (5th) and me (6th) on the same hand.  Larry  (4th) came up with a new move last night, the button steal with pocket aces.  Fortunately I’ve figured out his tell for the next time he tries that one.

Dr. Berck (3rd) had a monster stack for most of the final table.  Then as the blinds leapt up, the final three had pretty even stacks.  Dr. B’s stock of placenta energy snacks ran out with his luck, and it was down to Paul and Nancy.  I’ll let Larry fill in all of the colorful details.

Some of us were happier than others about the final result but we were all thrilled for Nancy. Even if she did knock me out when her A7 found an ace on the flop to overcome the power of my pocket 6’s.
And for the record I had a couple of final table appearances including a 2nd place finish last year. But I agree that this year has not treated me well. Or vice versa.


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From: Friedman, Paul

The feeling is…um…

From: Jeff Zinn

So happy for nancy
Missed you guys last night

On May 10, 2013, at 8:42 PM, Steven Begleiter

Congrats Nancy!!!  Well deserved and long overdue.

Also, nice call William!!!!

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 8:19 PM, <> wrote:
Here’s what I recall from the FT action, if anyone really cares. William exited in 8th when Nancy went all in with AQ and William called with 56s and a fairly healthy stack. William remarked, “what the hell was I thinking?”, but it was really the same call that Begs makes every day (the only difference is that Begs’ hand wins). Schio exited in 7th after first suffering a bad beat on the river to chop a big pot with Perlmutter, followed by another unfortunate beat to Perlmutter who received demerits for his sportsmanship (the actual infraction involved grinding his pelvis). Larry weakened Kadlec’s stack with some sophisticated post-flop play with T3s, if I do say so myself. Then a three-way pot developed between Perlmutter (AJ) and Kadlec (AQ) and Paul (QQ), but no Ace came, sending two more to the rail. Larry then tried two failed semi-bluffs but folded to big stack Berck’s well-timed 3-bet(s), putting a chink in my armor. Paul finished me off with his AQ vs A3. Those three had basically equal stacks with blinds at 2k/4k and very solid play continued for 30 more minutes. You already know the storybook ending, Paul in 3rd, Dave B 2nd, and Nancy 1st. Congrats Nancy!! The New Castle poker queen got a monkey off her back ain’t just the name of a Bob Dylan song anymore.
From: Michael Levine

I am still waiting for the final results from Larry, but this is what I know – we had two milestones last night.  After seven years and her share of money finishes, our Queen Nancy finally finished on top.  I don’t know details or whom she bested on her way to her first place finish, but I am very that she finally has this Mark (I meant Monkey) off her back.   Congratulations Nancy on your win and also making the final table.   Also, I understand that Mr. Friedman, after two years, finally broke his points and money cherry last night. Congratulations Paul – see, that $10k you spent in poker lessons seems to be paying off.

Website and other details, I don’t know and will update as soon as I get details from Larry.  As you know, my opposite approach didn’t fair too well last night.  So I will be back to my petulant self the next time – but maybe in drag.

Michael Levine
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NCPT13 Now Online at

I am proud to say that NCPT13 now has a home game at  This is perfect for those times when we can’t get together to play but are jonesing for some poker with friends.  We had our first test game last night, put together on very short notice.  We were 5 handed only, but it was a lot of fun.  mtaylormade came in first, dperl came in 2nd, NoTells2c 3rd, BenGurionFan 4th, and whipsawmike 5th.  You get a lot of hands in a very short amount of time.  Although there are certain limitations, there is a decent amount of flexibility in how things are set up.  You can play cash and also tournaments.  If you would like to be an admin, please let me know and your application will be considered by the committee.

You can’t play on your iPad unfortunately, but that seems to be the only drawback so far.  I e mailed to ask if they would include Home Games in a future edition of the iPad App.  They responded within minutes with the following: “PokerStars Movile Poker application has several differences when compared to the computer software.

One of these is the Home Games feature you mentioned.

We are afraid that this feature is currently not available.

However, please note that we value a lot of our players’ feedback, so if you really like for this or any other feature to be included let us hear your thoughts.  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again..



PokerStars Support Team

Please e mail support to request Home Games on the iPad!  Power to the people!  The people united will never be divided, etc.

If you would like additional information on how to join in the fun, e mail me at