NCPT14 – Can’t we all just get along Hold Em? – 10/24 Results

From Mike Levine:

Wish I stuck around to see it, but it looks like Zinnsanity ran into the will of Morgan. Rookie member Morgan Rutman was the winner on the night, besting guest and Northern Westchester Hospital honoree Bruce Yablon. Mr. Ginsberg came in third, Morgan slew the early chip leader JZ who still had a good showing in 4th, and guest Jeff Millet finished in 5th.

Leaving for the weekend on early flight, so online results went be updated till Monday. But congratulations to Morgan on being the winner of the largest tournament in NCPT history. Well done. if anyone else wants to throw in some color, feel free.

Have a good Halloween.

NCPT14 10/24 Can’t we all just get along Hold Em Karaoke Mulligan Selections

Taking a queue from the title of this tournament, this week’s theme is brotherhood, harmony, unity – call it what you will.

Jesse Colin Young’s Get Together

War’s Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Paul McCartney’s Ebony and Ivory 

Bette Midler’s Friends

And other songs:

Monkees/Neil Diamond’s I’m a Believer

Adam Sandler’s At a Medium Pace

Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road

Grateful Dead’s Eyes of the World

And, for the octogenarian set, Keats’ Ode to Autumn

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


NCPT14 – Can’t we all just get along Hold Em? 10/24 invite

From Mike Levine:

Obamacare, debt ceiling, Republicans, Democrats, Schiowitz vs. Begs, Nance vs. Schiowitz, Kobi vs. his dogs, William vs. anyone dating Cher, there is too much disharmony in the world.  This hold em game is dedicated to the principle that “what binds us together is greater than what drives us apart”.  And if you think this is a stupid theme or don’t agree with the spirit of it, go fuck yourself.

Next game is 10/24, back to normal start time of 730.  Mr. Zinn is on snack duty.  Please let me know if you can’t make it or will be late ASAP.

Have a nice holiday weekend.

NCPT14 Open House Hold Em – Results

From Mike Levine:

First I want to thank all those who came from Greeley Open House for showing up.  Expected a couple of you whipped people to bag it at the last minute and the fact that you all came was appreciated.

Congratulations to JZ.  With last night’s win, he picks up right where he left off last year – first place in points.  Also, Congrads to Steve Plank, who busted his money cherry with a third place finish and picked up 7 kills along the way.  Paul’s ringer friend – Keith Iceberg (or Goldberg, or Heisenberg…lot of bergs out there) took second place in his inaugural showing and the always strong Larry and Begs finished in 4th and 5th respectively.  Anybody get any video of Schiowitz getting knocked out on the bubble with Begs finishing in 5th?

Two games in, no Karaoke Mulligans used.  Next game is around the corner on 10/24, with Mr. Zinn on snack duty.  Results posted to website.

Have a nice weekend.