2014 WSOP

From: Michael Levine
Subject: RE: WSOP Day 2 Summary

Gregg and RFG took their turns yesterday. Unfortunately Gregg, started out ok, but was able to join the rest of us at Noodles in the Bellagio for dinner. RFG did a good job surviving the day, making new friends along the way and rattling the cages of the competition. Here is his color:

Made it out of day 1 with 53k after a fairly wild ride, as low as 20k couple of times and peak was 68k, good table but couldn’t complete some key hands, should have been more :). Dweight Pilgram made the mistake of saying to me, an hour into joining our table on my immediate left and jawing a lot back and forth a bunch, that he’s a "world class player" and was going to "break me down"…I said "Son, we’ll see who breaks who down", and he got sent home after I put the lad on serious tilt :). Doing the lord’s work here, right?? :))

Day 2 starts off with MT and Perlmutter at the same table, Ben sitting at a table with former fellow 2009 final table member Kevin Schafel (whom MT bought 4% of his action, long story) and Paul on his own somewhere. MT has over 60k in chips, Ben over 40k, with Paul and Dave floating around 20k and 10k respectively. Big day boys, hope you survive and thrive.

Paul noticed Begs and league got a shout out on ESPN blog. Check out below.


Michael Levine
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