9-17-15 Results

The commissioner writes:

Don’t mess with the birthday boy was the theme of last night’s game.  Play around the bubble tightened up, and Ben’s big stack whittled away as us short stocks managed to survive.  With Kadlec in big blind and no callers, Ben limped in the small holding Kks. Ben then bet into a seemingly innocent flop of 10, 9, 7,  and Dan, putting on one of the great acting jobs I have seen in NCPT lore, made a crying call.  A junk turn, an all in, yada yada, made Ben bubble boy as Dan flipped over j8. Down to five, play picked up.  Mr. Warm took 5th, non-member  Ginsburg 4th, and yours truly finished third.  Mr. Silverman and the birthday boy ended up splitting first place prize and points as it was 1 am and their stacks where pretty even.

Fun time, think even an illegal immigrant would have enjoyed last night.  I will post results as soon as I can.  

PS: We’re working with Flopthenuts on a new Fantasy Poker concept a la DraftKings and FanDuel. Stay tuned. This is going to be HUGE

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