Busto – The sad tale of our regular season champ’s demise

From: STEPHEN SILVERMAN <stevesilverman>
Subject: Busto

I am sorry to report that I busted during level 1 today. I had QQ in first position and raised to 400 (75/150 blinds). The guy next to me called. The button made in 1375. I called and the guy next to me called.

Flop came AQ5 two hearts. I checked, guy next to me checked, button bets 7200 (overbetting the pot). I really think he might have aces here but I never fold sets on the flop so I call. The guy next to me folds.

The turn is a 5 pairing the board. I decide to find out if he is for real and lead for 15k. He shoves. I tank for a while, and make a crying call.

He shows AA for aces full beating my QQ for queens full.

Here is the had per the blog:


In hindsight I should have led the turn for less, maybe 11k. And I should have folded to his shove despite having a monster. Given how the hand played out AA was by far the his most likely holding.


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