NCPT13 – The Esposito Tournament – April 18th – Results

This season is one of “The Haves and Have Nots”.  Being one of the latter, I am growing bitter, so please excuse my brevity in reporting last night’s results.    Congratulations to Mr. Lambert, Dr. Berck, JZ, Begs, and Gregg for their performances.  With two games still to play, another fine showing by JZ moves him 130 points above Ben (who is having a damn good season as well), making Jeff a virtual lock for Regular Season champ.  JZ also carries the distinction of knocking out the entire Taylor family last night.  Kudos goes to Matthew for out lasting his parents.  Just remember Matthew – what happens at Trump, stays at Trump.

The good news is – JZ will not be at the next game on May 9th; so that gives the rest of us a chance of winning some points and moving into the top 10.   Given the current leaderboard, even a point’s virgin like Paul has a theoretical shot to make it – so don’t lose the hope!  I keep telling myself that, but I remain bitter.

Link to website below, pw is ncpt13.

Lastly, don’t forget about the Evan’s Team Charity Poker event this Wednesday.   Be nice if a league member retains the title. Mr. Medway was last year’s winner.

NCPT13 – April 4th Make Up Game Results

Zinn’s commentary. Worth the time to read. Need more color on the Rob’s trip to Tibet.

The strong cards didn’t hold up early. That was the scene last night as the NCPT 2012/2013 season continued. Mike Levine was out first w/ KK vs ATs . Zinn hit a nut flush on the flop and mike couldn’t move; the hand played itself and mike was out first. Zahler was next when his KT couldn’t stand up to new coming Jason Gordon’s QT. Wolin out vs Plank. Then Lieberman (a big big fan of the tuna salad) was out vs Mr Gordon with AQ vs AT. Mr. Goldbaum – a favorite going into the season – was out next under a cloud of uncertainty and Marlboro Light Smoke vs Mr. Taylor. Matt from Ginsburg’s hood was out next vs Begs. Then perlmutter got a prison shower treatment from Grob with a set over set loss on the river. (Yes he likes the humiliation) Kadlec – short stacked after a bout of zinnitis – was out next with his T5 vs Lamberts QQ. Nancy and Larry squabbled leaving Nancy at the cash take and Grob with an ample and voluptuous stack of chips. Kobi and his Kosher for Paesach A9 suited was put out like Hametz vs Planks KT off suit. Then William in a dramatic and breathtaking blow was eliminated by Zinn with TT losing to Zinn Jacks. Zinn was just getting off a cold streak when Mr Warm was taken out by the Ago that zinn played against Marks 10-J suited. Schiowitz crept quietly to the cash table, avoiding the judgmental and potentially ego bruising rebuffs from Begs, after a busting from Rob “the Brazilian wants to be friends” Ginsburg. If anyone has a tweezer for Ginsburg – he needs to keep it w/ his backpack. The dude is up for sainthood – and I don’t mean this as a compliment. Then Gordon was eliminated w a pair of threes vs Beg’s Pair of Kings. Sadly, Planck, new comer and a fan of most of Zinn’s jokes was out at #8 vs Berck. As Plank left he was heard yelling from the lobby “it’s not Pee!” As startled as Plank was about the loss he was more flummoxed by Ginsburg’s unwillingness to love a woman in the mountains of Tibet (alone, 25yrs ago, because she had “facial hair”) if I was that picky I would have been 0-500 in college. Taylor was next out vs Grob w/ K2 clubs vs A9 off suit. Which is good because – according to some rumors at Trump – mark left little to no gas in the car and he and Nancy had to stop at like 1am in the morning to get some. Luckily he used the opportunity – despite a tired wife – to clean the windows of the car. Medway – who has put in a solid season of solid thoughtful play was out next vs Lambert whens robs Q9off was a victim of 45suited (also knows at the Colt). Begs – who never goes w/ a smile – left sadly after his A5off played deft vs Larry’s pair of 7s could catch on the flop. He thought about kicking a garbage can – like CERTAIN PEOPLE do – but instead worked his aggression out on the, then 6 hour old, tuna salad. Speaking of tuna – it was no fluke that it got hot as Zinn put a punishing odds oriented play on Lambert – calling his all in with a 85s and breaking ben and his A3 off suit. Ben – who sports a beautiful black lab and is real student of the game – left graciously but thought “Who plays cards like 85suited? “ “Was it zinn or his sick dopple ganger – ?” and “why are there so many jews at TRrump? “ is trump jewish” . Zinn heated up quickly – breaking a humiliated Grob with cards that zinn doesn’t remember. Berck – who is absolutely insists that it IS PEE – was out at #2 vs Zinn.

NCPT13 – No Big Soda Hold Em – March 21st

I think this long winter has made many of us ill-disposed.  Maybe it was me, but the grumpiness and whiney index was hitting highs last night.  The biggest recipient of this acrimony appears to be our winner on the night – Mr. Taylor.  Mark seems to have made several people angry on his way to an impressive win over Mr. Lambert and poker phenom JZ (who now leads Gregg in standings by almost 100 points).  No one seemed more furious at Mark, than his loving spouse Nance who, on returning home at 2am, posted a picture of Mark to Facebook with the following caption: “Someone is sleeping in the shed tonight! #€+*?•@$&/}.”    Unlike others, I am very happy for Mark; especially since he bought dinner for me and Baines last night prior to the game and I am guessing he is going to want to keep the mojo going by doing the same next time.  Congrads to Mark, Ben, JZ, and to Kobi (who has quietly moved up in the standings with his second money finish).

As I figured, two tables was a nice change of pace.  Plus, being the 11th person knocked out, got me points as opposed to my regular 16th place finish.  Cash game was fun… eh, not really.  The bad vibes of the room permeated the play at the table.  I won’t go into specifics, but let’s just say I don’t see Mr. Kadlec and RFG breaking bread anytime soon, and Mr. Perlmutter won’t be invited to the Lambert Bar Mitzvah.

Thanks to Mr. Warm for filling for that delinquent William.  League results attached, pw ncpt13.  Next game around the corner on April 4th.  Until then, have a nice holiday.

NCPT13 – Lombardi Time – February 28th

Well it figures that the one person who actually used to pick up chicks with Paul Horning would win the Lombardi Time Game.  William ignored the anatomical chatter on the night and just played his game to take the win over a humbled Marc Warm.  Mr. Medway is having his best season to date and took third for the second time this year.  Mr. Schiowitz and Kadlec rounded out the field, with Rob Ginsberg our bubble boy.

The timely arrival chip offering (a “TACO”) – was a success and we started promptly at 7:35.  Thanks to everyone – it is a huge help to get people registered and in computer early for initial seating; plus I loathe having to get up from my seat once action starts to collect money and get people situated.  I truly hate being a hard ass, but I see TACOs in our future.  It seems to be the only way to assure prompt starts, less waiting around, and a deeper tournament.  Although I think it reduced the time available to consume Nancy’s lovely snack selection. Thanks to her and Mr. Schiowitz for the Scotch run.

The cash game was fun and thought provoking; but, one point of order.  People getting knocked out in our tournament should receive priority over those who didn’t play.  I know sometimes you need extra bodies to get to a critical mass; but it is our night, and I felt bad that some of you who wanted to play cash may not have been able to.  Ok to invite people in to play game, but I think they should know that they might have to rotate out if the situation arises.

Enough preaching.  Next game is March 21st, quickly followed by our Sandy makeup game on April 4th. Website results posted.

NCPT13 – Begs’ Birthday Game – Feb 7th – Results

Lady luck didn’t give a damn about Begs’ on his birthday.  In fact, in one of those cruel twists, she sat Begs next to his best frenemy Mr. Schiowitz, who knocked Begs out early on.  Mark then managed to cruise to a fourth place finish on the night, while Begs floundered at the cash table.  Hopefully Begs had better luck with Karen last night.

Halfway through the season it is basically the Jeff and Gregg show.  Gregg amassed seven kills on the night and managed to top Nance to win for the second time on the year.  JZ had another great night – even after making a questionable call against an all-in shove from Ben early on – and took third.  Jeff now has two first place finishes and two third place finishes.  Impressively, they are both locks for the final table, plus, each of them has missed a game.  Away from them, the final table is still wide open and given how things are stacked, even the pointless (like Paul) have a chance.

Other noticeable events on the night – not only did he take the leftover cake, but William grabbed 5th on the night.  Kobi now carries the moniker “bubble boy” as he finished 6th for the second time on the year.  Kudos to former member Bruce Yablon for a good showing.  Bruce, next time take two 300mg tablets of Adderall – one only got you to 9th.

Fantastic, but totally over the top but appreciated snacks and scotch from Mr. Perlmutter and a good cash game rounded out a nice night of poker.  Next game is around the corner on 2/28. Hopefully this storm isn’t so bad and we all have a nice weekend.

NCPT13 – Rasekh Returns – January 10th Game- Results

It was the week after Christmas
At the NCPT
And Levine was worried
About starting Early.

We all showed up
To the Trump that night
To play some poker
Some loose, some tight.

We had three tables
Full of the crew
25 ugly azz dudes
With nothing better to do.

We shuffled up
And they dealt that sh1t
Waiting for the flop
To see if we hit

When out of  the blue
A guy named St Zinn
Started hustling up
And getting ready to win

He has his reindeer:
Medway and Perlmutter
Jake the kid and the Hammer
All smooth as butter

They sat at the table
With our dealer staff
Talking about transsexuals
And starting to laugh

When out came some hands
And Soon they were busted
We spoke of subjects that
Make most men flustered

So at the end it was St Zinn
Again In first place
Perlmutter in second
With fur on his face

Medway was third
As the stakes got grave
Jake the kid in fourth
And he don’t even shave

Hammer was fifth
As he played quite deft
William bubbled
Mumbled and quietly left.

So as I sit here
Writing by morning light
Sipping on nasty sink water
Also known as “Trump Ice”

NCPT13 – The Omega Game – Thursday December 20th – Results

As if sensing doom, five players last night fell on their sword in the first 30 minutes of play last night.  That has to be a record.   Those early knockouts were so disgusted; they didn’t stick around for the cash game that ended up developing.   Couldn’t say what happened in much detail after that, but it ended up with an unhappy Begs finishing in 5th, Dr. Berck squeezing out 4th, Mr. Taylor making an appearance at 3rd, Baines coming in 2nd, and the resilient Dan Kadlec taking the snack duty honors in 1st.

League results below, pw ncpt13.  Interesting to note, through four games, non-member Dr. Berck has captured 2nd place in overall points.  Too bad he muffed it up and didn’t know about the league sooner to become a member – he would have an excellent shot at the final table.  Sorry Doc.

Next game is around the corner on January 10th.  I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday.

NCPT13 – The Nance Natal Day Clash – Thursday October 11th – Results

Some Biden-esque commentary from our winner Mr. Hammerschlag:

After a long night of rope a dope, my ak suited lost to william’s all in call with a3, putting me on the felt with 7 players remaining. Zinn, who was down to 3k in chips managed to double up against fort knox matt, beginning his comeback to eventually become the chip leader. Nancy almost made it a birthday win, but just fell short, ending the night in 5th place. Payback’s a bitch as my ak doubled up against william’s aj, leaving zinn me and matt as the final 3.  My kk knocked out zinn and it was heads up vs the slightly ahead matt. Half hour of all ins came down to my a9 hitting an ace beating matts busted flush draw. Koby also hung around all night playing well and finishing 6th.

Translating and Corrections – Gregg did come in first even after a horrible beat early on from William left him with few chips.  Matt, who had over 50% of the chips when down to 6 players and amassed 7 kills on the night, ended up finishing in 2nd.  Our slow rolling, marathoner, poet put on another good show taking third.  And Kobi edged out our Birthday girl to place 4th.…and I ate way too much cake.

NCPT13 – Inaugural Game and The Return of Baines 09/20 – Results

Sorry, result commentary took so long, but the following from last night’s winner is worth the wait.  More details below as well.

It was the season opener
Of the NCPT
Most of the players
Arrived before me.

I showed up late
From Minyon at Shul
I sat at my table
That was looking quite full

Begs, Goldbaum
Levine Ben and Paul
I was like “damn bro”
“I got no chance here at all”

But I sat patient
And folded the sh*t
And waited for cards
And finally I hit

Later with 2 7
Rob Goldbaum did play
“All in” was what I heard
Steve Beglieter say

The flop was 2 7 A
And Beg just smiled
He turned pocket rockets
And Goldbaum recoiled

So began our evening
Of merry and wagers
Like baby Jesus
In his little manger

(sorry I’m delirious from exhaustion)

The final table was set
A fearsome newcomer I faced
Marc Warm was cool and played well
But number two was his place.

Ben was there
At that late late hour
Earlier he proclaimed its ok
To pee in the shower

ON this tangent
go I will
For this conversation
Caused such a thrill

For there are opinions
You will see
Like whether it’s appropriate
To shower right where you pee

Our prodigal son
Who did return
Hard a firm opinion
We soon did learn

Baines was disgusted
And angered at the hour
To learn his peers
Pissed in their shower

I welcomed him back
And checked out his stack
And hoped that limey b#st#rd
Would not bring his cockles for snack

But now I diverge
As I’m known to do
I saw Levine and Medway
At the final table too.

My friend Kadlec
Put in a night
But if he’s sippin scotch
He aint betting tight

I might have missed
A player or two
But I’m tired and ive got
Some work here to do.

The league play will thrill
And challenge this year
Its good we have
New members with hair.

So a winner I was
As I left trump
But before I walked out
I took a big….

(you guessed it!)

A bottle of Delicious refreshing “Trump Ice” w Donald’s mug on it.

Ahhhhhh…. Refreshing


The bar on commentary has been raised.

JZ did take the crown, followed by a great showing by newcomer Mr. Warm, last year’s champ Ben, and yours’ truly sneaking into fourth over Mr. Medway.  Results will be posted to website below as soon as I can.  Next game is 10/11.  Be well and easy fast for those of you who pee in the shower.

NCPT12 Final Table – We Have a Champ!

Well we planned to have a 6 hour game, but we managed to wrap it up in 4. A lot of big hands early on which damaged a lot of stacks – no more so than chip leader Gregg. Gregg shoved holding pocket 10s on a 9 high flop. But Mr.Kadlec threes tripped up and he was gone.

Next big hand was a three way all in between Dan, MT and Ben after a flop. Mark hit a straight on flop, and had a straight flush draw. Dan had a set of 6s, and Ben had a flush draw and open ended straight draw. Ben ended up getting the high end of the straight and tripled up.

After that hand, Ben was in command. He just played great, although he did get lucky against me hitting his third two on the turn and knocking me out in 4th. A couple of hands later, Begs shoved all in with a-4 after a 10,4, 2 rainbow flop. Begs had about 50% of Ben’s stack, and Ben eventually made an outstanding call holding only pocket 7s.

Mr. Ginsberg had a run of cards like I have never seen. Every hand seemed like he was hitting trips, flushes, or full houses. He even hit quads early on. Before Ben knocked out Begs, he was the chip leader. But heads up against Ben, and holding pocket fives, the magic died. Ben’s pocket jacks held up and he claimed the title.

Congratulations Ben, great job coming back to make final table and winning the championship. Feel like we got a great shot with you to get us back to final table. Good luck.

Thanks again to everyone on a fun season and if I don’t see you, have a great summer.
Michael Levine