JZ Marathon Hold Em – Results and Apology

Mike Levine writes:

Before I go into results, I would like to apologize on behalf of our league to our new guests, Andrew, Jen and Steve.  I don’t if it was the tight squeeze in the back, or the difficulty in parking, but the bitching and whining level last night was at an all-time high.  Sorry for that, usually we are much more of a harmonious group.  Well… not that much more.

Kidding aside, I think I need to remind everyone, this isn’t the Bellagio or the Wynn, and I am not a casino host.  I am trying to run a fun and social poker game as best and as fairly as I can.  I am sorry if you don’t like the snacks, your dealer, your seat, the room, or if we run out of scotch. I can’t force people to arrive on a timely basis or sing, especially new people, if they don’t want to.  I can’t assign seating, count money or get set up any quicker. We hire the dealers for five hours and Trump would like us out usually by 1am.  So the blinds are the blinds, stop bitching about them!   I think we all need to be more cognizant of the level of orneriness in the room.  I am not immune to it myself, but some of you like to complain a little too much.  Always room for improvements, but if you really don’t like the game or have issues, can always ask for you league entry money back, no questions asked. Similarly, if I think one’s behavior deters from us having as good as time as possible, I am not shy about doing something about it.  Enough said.

Back to results.  I knew the moment I handed Taylor my chips, I doubled up the wrong guy.  I was trying to steal his big blind and he only had $2500 in chips with blinds at $300/$600.  With four rebuys on the night, MT went on to win the biggest point and payout total in NCPT history.  Mr. Ginsberg came in second, with RFG utilizing his re-buy option effectively to finish in third.  Kidcatcher reclaimed his winning ways with a 4th place finish, and William, who doubled up on the second hand of the night,  managed to take 5th.  Congratulations to winners.  I included Taylor’s color commentary below for the faithful.

Website has been updated and link is below.   Password ncpt14.  Unfortunately website doesn’t track kills of people who re-bought, but I will track those separately.

Thanks to Morgan for the snack (btw Morgan, snack only cost you $375), and next game is on December 12th.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Mark Taylor writes:
Hey bud,
Results are attached. Sorry for the delay but just got out of bed at 11am, after getting less than my needed 8 hrs as Nancy and I hung at Quaker with John Re, Erin and her boyfriend, Niles until about 3am! WTF do I think I’m doing?

Anyway, I will provide what limited recall of the results of last night, and you should probably have a few others chime in, including Ginsberg and Goldbaum.

Without exact details, there were several bad beats dished out as baby Aces spanked big Aces at least 2 or 3 times, with Jeff E busting on a painful A4 or something from Ginsberg vs his AK or AJ. William also flopped 2 pair with A2 vs Ginsberg’s big A earlier. I forgot exact hands but I know I felt Ben Lieb’s exit pain as I know he made a great call against an RFG shove only to see RFG hit something like a 3 outer on the river.

Final table started a bit slow, with JZ reiterating it was the most painful final table of the 47 he’s had to sit through. We might have had 8 players still in at midnight but it was all over by 12:30. Ginsberg was small stacked for a bit but caught a massive roll to chip leader as he scored 3 out of the 4 kills as the table went from 8 down to 4. Unfortunately for him, I got the next 3 kills. I don’t remember exactly how Dr B went out but I’m pretty sure I got it in good vs him. I was kindly served up my best pot of the night when I found AA in the BB, and smooth called, in a hand RFG opened from the button or cutoff. I check the 884 flop with 2 diamonds before RFG makes a pot sized bet. I go All in with about the same size raise so he was committed, but probably not too upset to call with a pair and flush draw (his words, never showed cards) but the bullets held for over a 50k pot. That wasnt the hand he busted on as he had many mor ethan me pre-hand but shortly thereafter I called his shove and my big A finally hit to win the flip vs his 55. Heads up had a few hands with the chip lead going back and forth but the last hand pretty much played itself. It all got in after a 4 bet shove/call with RG beaming with 99 until he saw my pocket 10s, which held. Coincidentally, as Mike was counting out the chip stacks, we each had exactly the same amount- Game ,Set, Match!

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