NCPT11 – TPC Chip Amounts and Cash Game Invite – Results

Regarding the cake….
  • I deny that I took the cake
  • There was no cake left anyway
  • It was my cake to begin with
  • I have no recollection that I took the cake
  • I can’t be responsible for my actions since I on tilts having misread my hand which led to my demise
  • Any further comments or inquiries should be directed to my lawyer
P.S. I am in abject admiration of Larry’s success.
P.P.S Can’t wait for next season.
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From: Michael Levine
Sent: Fri, Jun 17, 2011 1:33 am
Subject: RE: NCPT11 – TPC Chip Amounts and Cash Game Invite – Results

First – let me congratulate our champion – Mr. Grob.  Our TPC champion yet again.  Larry, no doubt after winning your third league championship and second in a row, you have demonstrated you are made of the right stuff – at least when it comes to poker.  Great job but it is unfortunate that you cannot use money for WSOP because the manner in which you won tonight was very reminiscent of the year Begs won and then went on to final table of WSOP.  Unfortunately for Mr. Heflin – he is the Chicago Cubs of our Poker League and was the second place finisher in that year as well.
Starting out in 11th place in chips –Mr. Heflin (my horse at 12-1), managed to knock out four people to be the chip leader heads up against Larry.   His first bad beat came when his 10s were felled by an Ace on the river.  The next bad beat was probably the king of bad beats in our League history and after it happened, I could hear Barry saying what a stupid fing game this is.
Dan still was the chip leader holding pocket fives when he got all in against Larry with A-7.  The board completely missed Larry, but with three fours on the board, Larry still had seven outs coming to the river card.  The final four appeared on the river.  Larry’s quads with ace kicker left Dan holding very few chips and effectively put an end to what would have been a great run and, better yet, a significant financial loss to Begs.
Kudos to Mr. Zinn who had a great season and finished third on the night and thanks to all those that came to play cash.  Nance and Mark, thanks for the hosting gifts, and William, even though we missed the cake after you took it home with you, thanks for bringing it.
Given the lack of internet play, I am sure we will try to get together to play some poker before we re-start in the fall.  Until then, be well.
From: steven begleiter
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 12:57 PM
To: Glenn Carr
Subject: Re: NCPT11 – TPC Chip Amounts and Cash Game Invite
I am ordering a meat lovers for William.  Hands off guys, I need him to eat the whole thing.


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