NCPT12 -Bloomberg for President- March 15th – Results

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A person reaps what he sows.
(Gal. 6:7)

Down to about 16 players and some pre-flop raises, JZ eventually shoved all in and was called by Mr. Schiowitz.  JZ happily revealed KKs.  Sitting to his left, Mr. Schiowitz feigned dismay and then proceeded to slow roll Aces.  It was such a deliberate act, that the whole table erupted in disgust and immediately began rooting for JZ.  Mark claimed JZ deserved to be the brunt of such deplorable etiquette as he was singing made up songs all night in his ear (JZ later remarked to me he wants to write a musical based upon our league) – but still, for the first time I got what Begs says about the guy.  I guess Karma is absent at Trump (not a shocker) and not only did Mark end up winning the hand, he went on to take first place on the night.

Good form dictates I offer Mark congratulations, so I will do so, But congratulations also go to Mr. Ginsberg who put up a very good showing with a 2nd place finish, and Larry who eerily placed third again and is running up the leader board after a slow start.  After concentrating and working harder for the longest amount of time since 1998, our guest and former league member Mr. Yablon put up a fine showing and captured 4th.   Good job Bruce and thanks for sucking up 4th place points.

Thanks to Nance for going out of her way and providing exceptional snacks.  Next game is on 4/12 and I will update website as soon as I can. I leave you with the following, taken from the writings of the Dalai Lama.

“Countless rebirths lie ahead, both good and bad. The effects of karma (actions) are inevitable, and in previous lifetimes we have accumulated negative karma which will inevitably have its fruition in this or future lives. Just as someone witnessed by police in a criminal act will eventually be caught and punished, so we too must face the consequences of faulty actions we have committed in the past, there is no way to be at ease; those actions are irreversible; we must eventually undergo their effects.”

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