NCPT12 – Eli Manning Tournament- January 26th – Results

With a little help from the cards and my fellow players, yours truly managed to take first place on the night.  Like Eli, there were several comebacks as I was close to the felt early on and I got bailed out with a chopped pot after making a horrible call against Nance.  Heads up, it was me and Larry – not unlike Eli versus Brady.  Larry, like Tom Brady, was the favorite with his huge chip stack – which he accumulated somewhat fortuitously.    But he couldn’t put me away, and lost the next hand after refusing my generous offer to chop, Henry put up another good showing in 3rd place and Kadlec was close to his third win on the year with a 4th place finish.

It goes without saying, but Eli is my favorite QB.  Not a coincidence I won after naming this tournament after him.  Don’t want to jinx anything – but take the points.

Will update website as soon as I can and next game is February 16th.  Thanks to Gregg for the snacks, and have a nice weekend.

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