NCPT12 – Holiday Hold Em – December 15 Update

History was made last night – our first chop!!!.  Getting heads up with Ben Lieberman at 1 40 am with pretty much equal stacks, we agreed to play till 2 am.  At 2 am, with Ben holding just over 50% of the chips, we agreed to a chop.  Ben got a bit more of the money and we agreed to split the first and second place points 50/50.  Put it down as a first place finish for both of us with no one finishing second.  Ben played great, made no mistakes that I could detect and I was fortunate to chop with him.
Mr Perlmutter finished 3 rd and getting him out of his seat was about as difficult as getting the 300 Spartans out of Thermopylae.  After seemingly hours of shorthanded play nursing my large stack, I went all-in after a 6 9 10 flop holding k J only to find that PERLMUTTER HAD FLOPPED A STRAIGHT WITH 7 8 (SUITED), AND IT HELD UP!!.(Schiowitz, too bad you missed the moment)  It took a while but after some disciplined laydowns Perlumutter lost a big pot to Ben and then got it in w A9 vs the Q8 of yours truly only to see his last gasp of hope eliminated when I rivered an 8.  Well played David.
Mike Levine got fourth, lasting long enough to grab $480 bucks in no small part due to my doubling him up down the stretch – One of many beats I took last night including having Ginsburg and Grob river 2 outers against me to stay alive,enabling them to both finish in the top 10.  Larry got there w 77 on a river 7 to crack my AA.  Tables were turned at the final table when on the same hand both he and Ginsburg ran underpairs into my AA,  which thankfully held up.
Kobi came fifth, and he showed remarkable depth and imagination to his game.  Another spartan who did not want to yield his seat.
Please no comments about Kobi and Perlmutter in togas holding shields and swords.
Lieberman is on snacks for the next game which is Jan 5th.
Happy Holidays to all.

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