NCPT12 – Inaugural Game 2012 – Results

Due to my early exit, I really don’t know what transpired.  I do know, that Ben was close to the felt when I got knocked out, but somehow managed to survive and amass 7 kills to finish in 2nd place to Mr. Kale who quietly and consistently added to his chip stack all night and killed 6 players on the way to victory.  Digitech chief Schiowitz finished in 3rd after making a couple of loose calls towards the end.  And fan favorite, Mr. Perlmutter starts off the season well with a 4th place finish.   Congrads to Dan and other finishers for doing so well in my hot and sweaty basement.  Next game at Digitech, where hopefully playing conditions will be better and I won’t finish last again.

Next game on 10/6, with Mr. Kale on snacks. Invites to come soon.  Until then, have a good New Year.

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