NCPT12 – Nostradamus Tourney – Jan 5th 2012 – Results

On a night with no Begs, one expects a more enjoyable evening.  Why? No Begs, less suck outs, less heart breaks equals more enjoyment.  In general that was the case, with a few exceptions.  Fan favorite Perlmutter had his eyes on first place in the standings, but after an early chip lead he was out kicked by JZ on the river and finished in 7th.  A rare appearance by Henry ended with him finishing on the bubble after playing very well on the night.  But the king of heart breaks must belong to JZ.  Sporting a new very attractive sweater and a professional demeanor, he was the juggernaut last night.  Down to 5 players, he had several kills under his belt (including his nemesis RFG) and a healthy chip lead. He seemed destined for a high finish, until he called Mr. Kadlec’s all in shove with the same pair, but worse kicker for about 80% of his stack.  He went on semi-tilt after that, finished in a disappointing fifth place, but was somewhat mollified by taking home two leftover meat lovers pizzas.  After that victory, Dan cruised his way to a win on the night for the second time this year and for a whopping 68 points.


Although Mark was upset with me handing Nancy his winnings, he was happy to shed the bubble moniker with his 4th place finish, and yours truly adeptly finished in third.  Congrads to Gregg, who by constantly thinking WWBD came out of nowhere to take 2nd.   Don’t know what happened at the cash table, but it seems like it was fun.  To the Yormak boys, remember you broke even and no one served you alcohol.

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