NCPT12 – Tebowmania vs. Zinnsanity – April 12th Game – Results

Sorry for the late email everyone…still licking wounds from last night and haven’t found my sense of humor yet. I left before things finished up, but here is Larry’s synopsis:

Greg and I got heads up at 2:00 am even at 70k and blinds of 1250/2500 so we were taking forever so the Trump guys kicked us out at 2:45 because they wanted to go home. So we chopped the $ equal and both of us agreed to split 1st and 2nd place points equally. The guest Dave in 3rd and kadlec 4th.

I believe Mr.Taylor came in 5th with Nancy on the bubble. If we get that many again, will probably have to adjust blind schedule so it doesn’t get too late again.

Action was robust at cash game. Big hands, lot of chips moving around. When I left, two law school students were up big. Hopefully they left with most of that coin.

Next game isn’t till May 9th. Will update web page as soon as I can. Don’t forget the IRS and I know some of you will voluntarily follow Buffet rule.

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