NCPt12 – Thanksgiving Tournament- November 17 – Results

On Nov 18, 2011, at 11:00 AM, Michael Levine wrote:

I felt bad after making the double burn call, but several people, including Begs, saw the same thing.  Unintentionally Mark burned, paused to look at board, and burned again.  Ben made a point of order after it happened that I think we should try to follow – when dealing try to separate the burn cards from the muck.  That way there can be no doubts.

Btw, if you haven’t seen the HBO documentary on the Thriller in Manila, it is a must whether you are a boxing fan or not.  On HBO on Demand and just a great bit of history.  Will be a quiz on at the next game.

Michael Levine


From: steven begleiter

Thanks Mike

Just to be  clear, even though I said it was 90% luck, I didn’t mean it.  While I did need to hit runner runner spades to dodge Floss’ trip kings, only a few hands before he rivered a club flush against me when he was all-in but behind with top pair weak kicker after the flop. In fact the Floss/Begs endgame sort of reminded me of the thrilla in Manila with two

exhausted competitors continuing to take pieces out of each other with mammoth blows well past the limits of human endurance had been reached.  Kudos to Foss on his deep run.

Perlmutter always seems to be around when I am late in these tournaments and it is hard not to notice just how much his game has improved.

 While I did hit a few draws to bust a few players (Sorry Kobi, William), I felt particularly bad about busting Medway.  The poor guy has spent weeks fulfilling his civic obligations on jury duty, masterfully conceals KK inducing a major overshove from yours truly with just a double belly buster and before he has even figured out my hand he is staring at the rivered  jack that gave me the straight (it wasn’t runner runner).  Brutal.  Somehow, if he was deliberating afterwards, I am concerned like 6 people would have been convicted..

 I did manage to double up Schiowitz when he shoved 7 9 into my A Q and of course flopped a 7.  I am pretty sure it was the only hand he won all night and marks the 37th time in last 5 weeks he has gotten all-in vs me with the worst hand and won.  Despite his early demise, he did show great class in ‘rooting’ for me while everyone one else was flossing.

 Special thanks to Glenn for catering  enough for the NY Giants and for Mike to sending Taylor to the rail with the soon to be legendary ‘double burn’ call.  Apparently Mike had been watching an ESPN documentary on the Tuck rule and came up with the Hold em equivalent.  While it is always helpful to have a player of Taylors quality out of the way, I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant.  Careful Mike next time you are in a hand with Taylor – either Taylor.

 All the best for Thanksgiving to everyone.



On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 2:05 AM, Michael Levine  wrote:

Begs victory tonight started with a runner runner suck out and ended with one as well.  Mr. Medway was the first victim on the night.  Down to three players and with a chip lead, Dr. Floss received the poker equivalent of a root canal as his trip kings after the flop were bested by Begs’ two card draw to a flush.  In between those two events, Begs must have hit about 4 other draws to knock out several others.  As he said at the end of the night “my victory tonight proves this game is 90% luck”.   

But it was a fun night, made better by the fact that we didn’t have to suffer through watching the Jets loose.   Congrads to Floss, and fan favorite Mr. Perlmutter for finishing in the top three.  Rasekh got his first points on the year finishing in 4th, and Mr. Lerman finished in 5th.  Rest of results should be posted sometime tomorrow on website.

Next game is 12/15.  Until then, have a great holiday.  Hopefully your luck will be as good as Begs’.


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