NCPT12 – The Ben and Caroline Tournament – May 10th Results

Color from last night as written by Ben –

From what I recall, people were dropping like flies at table 1 and table 2 just kept sending more over. Mark and Stephano were the early chip leaders, with Mark’s early stack coming from knocking out a chipped-up Begs. All 3 guests made it to the final table. Play tightened up on the bubble considerably until Stephano knocked out Perlmutter. 4 handed William and Stephano had most of the chips, and got into a confrontation William won knocking out Stephano in 4th. William had most of the chips 3-handed, limped on the button, Mark completed the small blind and I shoved A3s with about 5 big blinds. William folded and Mark turned over a slow played KK to take me out in 3rd. Mark chipped away slowly at William until they were almost even. With William having Mark slightly covered, they got it in with Mark’s two pair vs William’s second pair and William was crippled. I don’t know what the final hand was but Mark shoved A high and William called with a weaker hand  – Mark held for the win.

Congrads to Mark on his second win. I will update standings as soon as I can, but going into final game there is definitely a horse race for regular season champ between a number of us. Our final game will be on June 7th…until then, hit em straight.

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