NCPT13 – Begs’ Birthday Game – Feb 7th – Results

Lady luck didn’t give a damn about Begs’ on his birthday.  In fact, in one of those cruel twists, she sat Begs next to his best frenemy Mr. Schiowitz, who knocked Begs out early on.  Mark then managed to cruise to a fourth place finish on the night, while Begs floundered at the cash table.  Hopefully Begs had better luck with Karen last night.

Halfway through the season it is basically the Jeff and Gregg show.  Gregg amassed seven kills on the night and managed to top Nance to win for the second time on the year.  JZ had another great night – even after making a questionable call against an all-in shove from Ben early on – and took third.  Jeff now has two first place finishes and two third place finishes.  Impressively, they are both locks for the final table, plus, each of them has missed a game.  Away from them, the final table is still wide open and given how things are stacked, even the pointless (like Paul) have a chance.

Other noticeable events on the night – not only did he take the leftover cake, but William grabbed 5th on the night.  Kobi now carries the moniker “bubble boy” as he finished 6th for the second time on the year.  Kudos to former member Bruce Yablon for a good showing.  Bruce, next time take two 300mg tablets of Adderall – one only got you to 9th.

Fantastic, but totally over the top but appreciated snacks and scotch from Mr. Perlmutter and a good cash game rounded out a nice night of poker.  Next game is around the corner on 2/28. Hopefully this storm isn’t so bad and we all have a nice weekend.

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