NCPT13 – Inaugural Game and The Return of Baines 09/20 – Results

Sorry, result commentary took so long, but the following from last night’s winner is worth the wait.  More details below as well.

It was the season opener
Of the NCPT
Most of the players
Arrived before me.

I showed up late
From Minyon at Shul
I sat at my table
That was looking quite full

Begs, Goldbaum
Levine Ben and Paul
I was like “damn bro”
“I got no chance here at all”

But I sat patient
And folded the sh*t
And waited for cards
And finally I hit

Later with 2 7
Rob Goldbaum did play
“All in” was what I heard
Steve Beglieter say

The flop was 2 7 A
And Beg just smiled
He turned pocket rockets
And Goldbaum recoiled

So began our evening
Of merry and wagers
Like baby Jesus
In his little manger

(sorry I’m delirious from exhaustion)

The final table was set
A fearsome newcomer I faced
Marc Warm was cool and played well
But number two was his place.

Ben was there
At that late late hour
Earlier he proclaimed its ok
To pee in the shower

ON this tangent
go I will
For this conversation
Caused such a thrill

For there are opinions
You will see
Like whether it’s appropriate
To shower right where you pee

Our prodigal son
Who did return
Hard a firm opinion
We soon did learn

Baines was disgusted
And angered at the hour
To learn his peers
Pissed in their shower

I welcomed him back
And checked out his stack
And hoped that limey b#st#rd
Would not bring his cockles for snack

But now I diverge
As I’m known to do
I saw Levine and Medway
At the final table too.

My friend Kadlec
Put in a night
But if he’s sippin scotch
He aint betting tight

I might have missed
A player or two
But I’m tired and ive got
Some work here to do.

The league play will thrill
And challenge this year
Its good we have
New members with hair.

So a winner I was
As I left trump
But before I walked out
I took a big….

(you guessed it!)

A bottle of Delicious refreshing “Trump Ice” w Donald’s mug on it.

Ahhhhhh…. Refreshing


The bar on commentary has been raised.

JZ did take the crown, followed by a great showing by newcomer Mr. Warm, last year’s champ Ben, and yours’ truly sneaking into fourth over Mr. Medway.  Results will be posted to website below as soon as I can.  Next game is 10/11.  Be well and easy fast for those of you who pee in the shower.

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