NCPT13 – Lombardi Time – February 28th

Well it figures that the one person who actually used to pick up chicks with Paul Horning would win the Lombardi Time Game.  William ignored the anatomical chatter on the night and just played his game to take the win over a humbled Marc Warm.  Mr. Medway is having his best season to date and took third for the second time this year.  Mr. Schiowitz and Kadlec rounded out the field, with Rob Ginsberg our bubble boy.

The timely arrival chip offering (a “TACO”) – was a success and we started promptly at 7:35.  Thanks to everyone – it is a huge help to get people registered and in computer early for initial seating; plus I loathe having to get up from my seat once action starts to collect money and get people situated.  I truly hate being a hard ass, but I see TACOs in our future.  It seems to be the only way to assure prompt starts, less waiting around, and a deeper tournament.  Although I think it reduced the time available to consume Nancy’s lovely snack selection. Thanks to her and Mr. Schiowitz for the Scotch run.

The cash game was fun and thought provoking; but, one point of order.  People getting knocked out in our tournament should receive priority over those who didn’t play.  I know sometimes you need extra bodies to get to a critical mass; but it is our night, and I felt bad that some of you who wanted to play cash may not have been able to.  Ok to invite people in to play game, but I think they should know that they might have to rotate out if the situation arises.

Enough preaching.  Next game is March 21st, quickly followed by our Sandy makeup game on April 4th. Website results posted.

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