NCPT13 – No Big Soda Hold Em – March 21st

I think this long winter has made many of us ill-disposed.  Maybe it was me, but the grumpiness and whiney index was hitting highs last night.  The biggest recipient of this acrimony appears to be our winner on the night – Mr. Taylor.  Mark seems to have made several people angry on his way to an impressive win over Mr. Lambert and poker phenom JZ (who now leads Gregg in standings by almost 100 points).  No one seemed more furious at Mark, than his loving spouse Nance who, on returning home at 2am, posted a picture of Mark to Facebook with the following caption: “Someone is sleeping in the shed tonight! #€+*?•@$&/}.”    Unlike others, I am very happy for Mark; especially since he bought dinner for me and Baines last night prior to the game and I am guessing he is going to want to keep the mojo going by doing the same next time.  Congrads to Mark, Ben, JZ, and to Kobi (who has quietly moved up in the standings with his second money finish).

As I figured, two tables was a nice change of pace.  Plus, being the 11th person knocked out, got me points as opposed to my regular 16th place finish.  Cash game was fun… eh, not really.  The bad vibes of the room permeated the play at the table.  I won’t go into specifics, but let’s just say I don’t see Mr. Kadlec and RFG breaking bread anytime soon, and Mr. Perlmutter won’t be invited to the Lambert Bar Mitzvah.

Thanks to Mr. Warm for filling for that delinquent William.  League results attached, pw ncpt13.  Next game around the corner on April 4th.  Until then, have a nice holiday.

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