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I am proud to say that NCPT13 now has a home game at  This is perfect for those times when we can’t get together to play but are jonesing for some poker with friends.  We had our first test game last night, put together on very short notice.  We were 5 handed only, but it was a lot of fun.  mtaylormade came in first, dperl came in 2nd, NoTells2c 3rd, BenGurionFan 4th, and whipsawmike 5th.  You get a lot of hands in a very short amount of time.  Although there are certain limitations, there is a decent amount of flexibility in how things are set up.  You can play cash and also tournaments.  If you would like to be an admin, please let me know and your application will be considered by the committee.

You can’t play on your iPad unfortunately, but that seems to be the only drawback so far.  I e mailed to ask if they would include Home Games in a future edition of the iPad App.  They responded within minutes with the following: “PokerStars Movile Poker application has several differences when compared to the computer software.

One of these is the Home Games feature you mentioned.

We are afraid that this feature is currently not available.

However, please note that we value a lot of our players’ feedback, so if you really like for this or any other feature to be included let us hear your thoughts.  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again..



PokerStars Support Team

Please e mail support to request Home Games on the iPad!  Power to the people!  The people united will never be divided, etc.

If you would like additional information on how to join in the fun, e mail me at

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