NCPT13 – Rasekh Returns – January 10th Game- Results

It was the week after Christmas
At the NCPT
And Levine was worried
About starting Early.

We all showed up
To the Trump that night
To play some poker
Some loose, some tight.

We had three tables
Full of the crew
25 ugly azz dudes
With nothing better to do.

We shuffled up
And they dealt that sh1t
Waiting for the flop
To see if we hit

When out of  the blue
A guy named St Zinn
Started hustling up
And getting ready to win

He has his reindeer:
Medway and Perlmutter
Jake the kid and the Hammer
All smooth as butter

They sat at the table
With our dealer staff
Talking about transsexuals
And starting to laugh

When out came some hands
And Soon they were busted
We spoke of subjects that
Make most men flustered

So at the end it was St Zinn
Again In first place
Perlmutter in second
With fur on his face

Medway was third
As the stakes got grave
Jake the kid in fourth
And he don’t even shave

Hammer was fifth
As he played quite deft
William bubbled
Mumbled and quietly left.

So as I sit here
Writing by morning light
Sipping on nasty sink water
Also known as “Trump Ice”

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