NCPT14 Inaugural Tournament Results

Our Correspondent Mark Taylor writes:
1st- Jeff E
2nd-  Mark T
3rd- Paul F
4th- Ben L
5th-  Rob M

Not sure if Jeff or anyone is providing commentary but I can provide a little. Forgot how Dan K busted on $ bubble but Jeff battled back like a champ as he was down to 4k or so when got to 5 handed. His initial push came on a 3 way All-in with Rob holding AA when Ben shoved with AJs and Jeff called as so short with something like KQ (2 broadway cards).  Jeff hits a gut shot straight on the river to snatch the Main, albeit smaller, pot. Rob’s bullets held up vs Ben to take the side pot, which was probably the biggest pot of the night up to that point, doing serious damage to Ben’s previously significant stack. Not sure how Rob got whittled down but he and I ended up all-in against each other, both holding A5s. Rainbow flop gave each of us back door hopes for a flush, when running diamonds filled mine, much to Rob’s discontent. A very tough exit. Somewhere after that, I remember getting all-in vs Jeff holding A8 vs his A2, leaving him only a 24% dog. I still had him out-chipped at that point, smelling another kill. Board flops AAK, not ideal but I was still in the lead. K on the turn gives us each Aces full for the split, sub-optimal result, for me at least. Even though I had 5 straight kills of all leaving in places 3-7, when it got to heads up, Jeff had, or got, the chip lead. i get All-in with A5s vs his 10-8, feeling good once again, only to watch him flop a Boat (his 2nd flopped boat of the final table!)  It was Jeff’s night as he showed tenacity battling back from the felt to claim the title.  Well played to Jeff, and all others down the wire.


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