NCPT14 – January 9th Results

Just got results from last night.  Nancy bested her not as good half to take first.  Jeff Eichenberg took third, Steve Plank 4th, and William had another good showing in fifth.  More color and updated website results to follow.  Congratulations to Taylors on their one/two finish, and to the other money winners.  Stay warm.

Website updated, link below and password is ncpt14.  Half way through the season, Mr. Taylor with a first and two second place finishes is sitting pretty at the top.  Still a lot of poker to play.

For you die hards, some more color below on the night from MT.  But not about what is really important.  I think we all like to know, does a wife/husband top two finish act as some type of aphrodisiac?

I really dont have much color on the action. Jeff E caught the roll as he scored 4 straight knockouts for places 7 down to 4th. But it didn’t seem he had a commanding chip lead, actually I think Nance was chip leader quite a bit. When they were both at about 75k in chips (and I had 45k), they got it all in with Jeff holding pocket 2s and Nance with AK. She hit the flop and he was toast allowing me to backdoor into top 2 slots.

After about a dozen hands heads up without much change in stacks, Nancy took me out on the final hand after she shoved all in with A7o over my min pre-flop raise, while I was holding QQ. A win would have evened us up in chips, she flopped TRIP As, not that she needed 2 of them as either way I had a 2-outer after the flop. She held and took down the title.

Mike the dealer did a fine job, as a couple others commended (and tipped) him on their way out.

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