NCPT14 – March 20th Game – Results

From: Michael Levine <mlevine92>
Subject: RE: NCPT14 – March 20th Game – Results

Date: March 21, 2014 at 10:19:11 AM EDT

Could be a new sheriff in town. Jeff Another-berg took first place and after I update website, guessing he just catapulted to the top of the league standings. William, who had planned to seranade us to rappers delight, actually avoided a rebuy and took second. Mr. Kadlec took third for the second time in a row, with RFG and guest Dan Schorr rounding out field.

Congratulations to top finishers and thanks to Rob Another-berg for snack. Below is some color on the night from Jeff and will update website as soon as I can.

Brief color – table was playing pretty tight. We went through almost 2 blind levels to get from 9 down to 8. After being at the table for a while, Jason (in short stacked 6th place) tried to propose a deal that 6th place would get their money back. That was shot down very quickly. RFG had a large stack that got whittled away after folding various weak aces to the persistent all in shoves around the table. When we were down to 4, blinds at 3k-6k, Kadlec was the big blind with only 8k total, RFG shoved with QJ, Kadlec actually folded (leaving himself with 2k), and I woke up with QQ. RFG was a bit disgusted that Kadlec wasn’t even in the pot and then saw that he was dominated. Kadlec busted out next hand and William and I were heads up. Not sure if William had played a hand since there were 2 tables. I had a bit of a chip lead but he took some from me. When he had the chip lead 100k to 80k, he pushed with 8-8 and I called with A-6. The flop came A-6-rag and that crippled William. The very next hand I get dealt QQ again and the chips are all in. William turns over A-8 or something close and and ace hits the flop and he chips up to 40k. I think it was over on the next hand as my K5 held up against his Jack or Queen high.

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