NCPT14 – Open House Hold Em – October 3rd – Karaoke Mulligan Selections

Although I am not inclined to take requests, I will from time to time make an exception.  As such, our first selection for this tournament is:

Jonathan Coulton’s A Gambler’s Prayer

As your karaoke master, I will be exploring various themes in the weeks to come, one theme per tournament, with an average of three songs per theme. I reserve the right to abandon the theme idea at any time and for any reason. And of course, we’ll have  obligatory songs by Springsteen and the Grateful Dead each week.  William and any other octogenarians will have the option of reciting poetry, however, the poet and sometimes the text will be selected by me.

This week’s theme is karma, and we offer these theme selections:

John Lennon’s Instant Karma

Radiohead’s Karma Police

Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon

Other selections:

Chuck Berry’s Around and Around

The Carter Family’s Can the Circle Be Unbroken

Grateful Dead’s Ripple

Pete Seeger’s Pay Me My Money Down

Digital Underground’s The Humpty Dance

Beastie Boys’ No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Bruce Springsteen’s Because the Night

And for any octogenarians needing a re-buy: Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, Parts I & II

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