NCPT12 – Final Regular Season Game on 6/7 – Results and Final Stats

After his dismal results in the WSOP and other tournaments, I declared this year as the “anybody buy Larry year”.  But after a dismal start to the season, Larry just turned it on and put in a performance for the ages to edge Gregg (last night’s third place finisher) by four points to take the regular season title with 246 points.  Larry really deserves it – obviously his results these last few months and over the life of the league demonstrate that he might be the NCPT’s best player.  Shouldn’t that garner us at least a 5th place finish in the WSOP?

Congrads Larry, but also kudos goes out to Gregg who also had a great season and really deserves better after finishing third last night.   The other big story on the night belongs to our newlywed Ben, whose second place finish enabled him to leap frog into 9th place for points – thereby knocking out Mr. Taylor from the TPC.  So the final table is as follows – Larry, Gregg, Me, Begs, Kadlec, Schiowitz, David P, Perlmutter, Ginsberg, Ben and William with Gregg taking the p&l title, Begs the kill title, and Mr. Perlmutter the average finish award.

I will send out details re the TPC as soon as I can and the website is updated with the final results.  Thanks to everyone for a great season, and to all my fans, there is still the TPC to be won.

NCPT12 – The Ben and Caroline Tournament – May 10th Results

Color from last night as written by Ben –

From what I recall, people were dropping like flies at table 1 and table 2 just kept sending more over. Mark and Stephano were the early chip leaders, with Mark’s early stack coming from knocking out a chipped-up Begs. All 3 guests made it to the final table. Play tightened up on the bubble considerably until Stephano knocked out Perlmutter. 4 handed William and Stephano had most of the chips, and got into a confrontation William won knocking out Stephano in 4th. William had most of the chips 3-handed, limped on the button, Mark completed the small blind and I shoved A3s with about 5 big blinds. William folded and Mark turned over a slow played KK to take me out in 3rd. Mark chipped away slowly at William until they were almost even. With William having Mark slightly covered, they got it in with Mark’s two pair vs William’s second pair and William was crippled. I don’t know what the final hand was but Mark shoved A high and William called with a weaker hand  – Mark held for the win.

Congrads to Mark on his second win. I will update standings as soon as I can, but going into final game there is definitely a horse race for regular season champ between a number of us. Our final game will be on June 7th…until then, hit em straight.

NCPT12 – Tebowmania vs. Zinnsanity – April 12th Game – Results

Sorry for the late email everyone…still licking wounds from last night and haven’t found my sense of humor yet. I left before things finished up, but here is Larry’s synopsis:

Greg and I got heads up at 2:00 am even at 70k and blinds of 1250/2500 so we were taking forever so the Trump guys kicked us out at 2:45 because they wanted to go home. So we chopped the $ equal and both of us agreed to split 1st and 2nd place points equally. The guest Dave in 3rd and kadlec 4th.

I believe Mr.Taylor came in 5th with Nancy on the bubble. If we get that many again, will probably have to adjust blind schedule so it doesn’t get too late again.

Action was robust at cash game. Big hands, lot of chips moving around. When I left, two law school students were up big. Hopefully they left with most of that coin.

Next game isn’t till May 9th. Will update web page as soon as I can. Don’t forget the IRS and I know some of you will voluntarily follow Buffet rule.

NCPT12 -Bloomberg for President- March 15th – Results

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A person reaps what he sows.
(Gal. 6:7)

Down to about 16 players and some pre-flop raises, JZ eventually shoved all in and was called by Mr. Schiowitz.  JZ happily revealed KKs.  Sitting to his left, Mr. Schiowitz feigned dismay and then proceeded to slow roll Aces.  It was such a deliberate act, that the whole table erupted in disgust and immediately began rooting for JZ.  Mark claimed JZ deserved to be the brunt of such deplorable etiquette as he was singing made up songs all night in his ear (JZ later remarked to me he wants to write a musical based upon our league) – but still, for the first time I got what Begs says about the guy.  I guess Karma is absent at Trump (not a shocker) and not only did Mark end up winning the hand, he went on to take first place on the night.

Good form dictates I offer Mark congratulations, so I will do so, But congratulations also go to Mr. Ginsberg who put up a very good showing with a 2nd place finish, and Larry who eerily placed third again and is running up the leader board after a slow start.  After concentrating and working harder for the longest amount of time since 1998, our guest and former league member Mr. Yablon put up a fine showing and captured 4th.   Good job Bruce and thanks for sucking up 4th place points.

Thanks to Nance for going out of her way and providing exceptional snacks.  Next game is on 4/12 and I will update website as soon as I can. I leave you with the following, taken from the writings of the Dalai Lama.

“Countless rebirths lie ahead, both good and bad. The effects of karma (actions) are inevitable, and in previous lifetimes we have accumulated negative karma which will inevitably have its fruition in this or future lives. Just as someone witnessed by police in a criminal act will eventually be caught and punished, so we too must face the consequences of faulty actions we have committed in the past, there is no way to be at ease; those actions are irreversible; we must eventually undergo their effects.”

NCPT12 – Down with JPP -Thursday February 16th – Status – Results.

Yours truly finished in 2nd place, but in doing so, I am happy to report
Gregg Hammerschlag managed to win his first tournament in league history.
Gregg played a great game all night, but heads up against me, he really took
it up a notch.  As good as he was playing, I thought I might have bested him
when my Doyle Brunson turned into trips on the turn; but he had made his
straight on the flop.  Congrads Gregg on your first win.

After bringing a nice snack (although a little on the late side) Larry put
up another good showing for a third place finish, and Nance who saved the
day by dealing at the end, had another good tournament and finished 4th.  We
aren’t sure if William likes playing poker with us or hates it, but he
played well enough to take 5th place over a disappointed Begs who finished
on the bubble.

Cash good seemed like fun, but there were two things disappointing on the
night:  First I was bummed Zinn not more in the mix, as I had prepared
Jeremy Lin like puns using Jeff’s last name.  I guess those will have to
wait.  Also a little disturbing that Schiowitz felt compelled to steal cards
off the table and run away.  Generally, that behavior is frowned upon,
unless you are like four years old, and even then.

Next game is March 15th.  I won’t have website updated until after February
break.  Have a good holiday.

NCPT12 – Eli Manning Tournament- January 26th – Results

With a little help from the cards and my fellow players, yours truly managed to take first place on the night.  Like Eli, there were several comebacks as I was close to the felt early on and I got bailed out with a chopped pot after making a horrible call against Nance.  Heads up, it was me and Larry – not unlike Eli versus Brady.  Larry, like Tom Brady, was the favorite with his huge chip stack – which he accumulated somewhat fortuitously.    But he couldn’t put me away, and lost the next hand after refusing my generous offer to chop, Henry put up another good showing in 3rd place and Kadlec was close to his third win on the year with a 4th place finish.

It goes without saying, but Eli is my favorite QB.  Not a coincidence I won after naming this tournament after him.  Don’t want to jinx anything – but take the points.

Will update website as soon as I can and next game is February 16th.  Thanks to Gregg for the snacks, and have a nice weekend.

NCPT12 – Nostradamus Tourney – Jan 5th 2012 – Results

On a night with no Begs, one expects a more enjoyable evening.  Why? No Begs, less suck outs, less heart breaks equals more enjoyment.  In general that was the case, with a few exceptions.  Fan favorite Perlmutter had his eyes on first place in the standings, but after an early chip lead he was out kicked by JZ on the river and finished in 7th.  A rare appearance by Henry ended with him finishing on the bubble after playing very well on the night.  But the king of heart breaks must belong to JZ.  Sporting a new very attractive sweater and a professional demeanor, he was the juggernaut last night.  Down to 5 players, he had several kills under his belt (including his nemesis RFG) and a healthy chip lead. He seemed destined for a high finish, until he called Mr. Kadlec’s all in shove with the same pair, but worse kicker for about 80% of his stack.  He went on semi-tilt after that, finished in a disappointing fifth place, but was somewhat mollified by taking home two leftover meat lovers pizzas.  After that victory, Dan cruised his way to a win on the night for the second time this year and for a whopping 68 points.


Although Mark was upset with me handing Nancy his winnings, he was happy to shed the bubble moniker with his 4th place finish, and yours truly adeptly finished in third.  Congrads to Gregg, who by constantly thinking WWBD came out of nowhere to take 2nd.   Don’t know what happened at the cash table, but it seems like it was fun.  To the Yormak boys, remember you broke even and no one served you alcohol.

NCPT12 – Holiday Hold Em – December 15 Update

History was made last night – our first chop!!!.  Getting heads up with Ben Lieberman at 1 40 am with pretty much equal stacks, we agreed to play till 2 am.  At 2 am, with Ben holding just over 50% of the chips, we agreed to a chop.  Ben got a bit more of the money and we agreed to split the first and second place points 50/50.  Put it down as a first place finish for both of us with no one finishing second.  Ben played great, made no mistakes that I could detect and I was fortunate to chop with him.
Mr Perlmutter finished 3 rd and getting him out of his seat was about as difficult as getting the 300 Spartans out of Thermopylae.  After seemingly hours of shorthanded play nursing my large stack, I went all-in after a 6 9 10 flop holding k J only to find that PERLMUTTER HAD FLOPPED A STRAIGHT WITH 7 8 (SUITED), AND IT HELD UP!!.(Schiowitz, too bad you missed the moment)  It took a while but after some disciplined laydowns Perlumutter lost a big pot to Ben and then got it in w A9 vs the Q8 of yours truly only to see his last gasp of hope eliminated when I rivered an 8.  Well played David.
Mike Levine got fourth, lasting long enough to grab $480 bucks in no small part due to my doubling him up down the stretch – One of many beats I took last night including having Ginsburg and Grob river 2 outers against me to stay alive,enabling them to both finish in the top 10.  Larry got there w 77 on a river 7 to crack my AA.  Tables were turned at the final table when on the same hand both he and Ginsburg ran underpairs into my AA,  which thankfully held up.
Kobi came fifth, and he showed remarkable depth and imagination to his game.  Another spartan who did not want to yield his seat.
Please no comments about Kobi and Perlmutter in togas holding shields and swords.
Lieberman is on snacks for the next game which is Jan 5th.
Happy Holidays to all.

NCPt12 – Thanksgiving Tournament- November 17 – Results

On Nov 18, 2011, at 11:00 AM, Michael Levine wrote:

I felt bad after making the double burn call, but several people, including Begs, saw the same thing.  Unintentionally Mark burned, paused to look at board, and burned again.  Ben made a point of order after it happened that I think we should try to follow – when dealing try to separate the burn cards from the muck.  That way there can be no doubts.

Btw, if you haven’t seen the HBO documentary on the Thriller in Manila, it is a must whether you are a boxing fan or not.  On HBO on Demand and just a great bit of history.  Will be a quiz on at the next game.

Michael Levine


From: steven begleiter

Thanks Mike

Just to be  clear, even though I said it was 90% luck, I didn’t mean it.  While I did need to hit runner runner spades to dodge Floss’ trip kings, only a few hands before he rivered a club flush against me when he was all-in but behind with top pair weak kicker after the flop. In fact the Floss/Begs endgame sort of reminded me of the thrilla in Manila with two

exhausted competitors continuing to take pieces out of each other with mammoth blows well past the limits of human endurance had been reached.  Kudos to Foss on his deep run.

Perlmutter always seems to be around when I am late in these tournaments and it is hard not to notice just how much his game has improved.

 While I did hit a few draws to bust a few players (Sorry Kobi, William), I felt particularly bad about busting Medway.  The poor guy has spent weeks fulfilling his civic obligations on jury duty, masterfully conceals KK inducing a major overshove from yours truly with just a double belly buster and before he has even figured out my hand he is staring at the rivered  jack that gave me the straight (it wasn’t runner runner).  Brutal.  Somehow, if he was deliberating afterwards, I am concerned like 6 people would have been convicted..

 I did manage to double up Schiowitz when he shoved 7 9 into my A Q and of course flopped a 7.  I am pretty sure it was the only hand he won all night and marks the 37th time in last 5 weeks he has gotten all-in vs me with the worst hand and won.  Despite his early demise, he did show great class in ‘rooting’ for me while everyone one else was flossing.

 Special thanks to Glenn for catering  enough for the NY Giants and for Mike to sending Taylor to the rail with the soon to be legendary ‘double burn’ call.  Apparently Mike had been watching an ESPN documentary on the Tuck rule and came up with the Hold em equivalent.  While it is always helpful to have a player of Taylors quality out of the way, I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant.  Careful Mike next time you are in a hand with Taylor – either Taylor.

 All the best for Thanksgiving to everyone.



On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 2:05 AM, Michael Levine  wrote:

Begs victory tonight started with a runner runner suck out and ended with one as well.  Mr. Medway was the first victim on the night.  Down to three players and with a chip lead, Dr. Floss received the poker equivalent of a root canal as his trip kings after the flop were bested by Begs’ two card draw to a flush.  In between those two events, Begs must have hit about 4 other draws to knock out several others.  As he said at the end of the night “my victory tonight proves this game is 90% luck”.   

But it was a fun night, made better by the fact that we didn’t have to suffer through watching the Jets loose.   Congrads to Floss, and fan favorite Mr. Perlmutter for finishing in the top three.  Rasekh got his first points on the year finishing in 4th, and Mr. Lerman finished in 5th.  Rest of results should be posted sometime tomorrow on website.

Next game is 12/15.  Until then, have a great holiday.  Hopefully your luck will be as good as Begs’.


NCPT12 – The Bad Toupee Tourney – 10/27 – Results

This is a stupid fing game where luck – excuse the reference – Trumps skill consistently.  So to spend anymore than the minimum amount of time on congratulating last night’s winner Glenn, and to thanking Mark on setting up the Trump venue would be a waste.  So congratulations and thanks.

Next game 11/17, details to follow.  League Website will be updated later. Have a nice Halloween.