8 thoughts on “Post Your Boast”

  1. From: Nancy Taylor
    Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 01:56:25 -0400
    To: Michael Levine

    Mark won Jim Simon’s-Math for America-poker event!! Holy shit!!! So proud!!!

      1. From: Mike Levine
        If Jeff’s line about snack doesn’t qualify for shitiamproudof.com, I don’t know what would. Very funny.

        Baines is right – this tournament started us all playing hold em. That first year, I think it was 2000, it was Nance, Begs, MT, Baines, Heflin, Bruce and me. None of us knew how to play a hold em tournament and Phil Hellmuth, who was unknown to us, was giving lessons on the game at a side table. Baines took it down and won the right to use Jim Simons’ plane to go anywhere.

        As nice of a win it is, I am very sorry that it doesn’t warrant the November Nine exemption to the rules. If you had won the plane, and taken us to like Brazil for the Carnival, I might have seen things differently.

  2. I’m so proud of the new heights the NCPT sycophancy has reached in its encomia of JZ’s third victory.

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