The Line on NCPT2016

I know a guy who knows a guy that tells me our buddy Flopthenuts is taking action on the upcoming season. Here is the line:

Odds to win 2015 – 2016 NCPT regular season

Ben 10 -1

M Taylor, S Silverman, RFG 13 – 1

Levine 24-1

Kobi 30-1

William 35 – 1

Everyone else 16-1

Anyone can be shorted at the win odds plus 12 points.

Maximum bet $100 to win.  Maximum short bet is enough to win $300.  

Short bet example.  Let’s say you want to short Schiowitz to win the max $300.  Take his win odds (16), add 12 and lay 28 to win 1 or to win the max lay $8,400 to win 300.

Let me know, and we can hook youse guys up.

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