Finished at 69k in chips. About an average stack. Overplayed AJ and KQ suited in last 20 minutes which cost me 20k in chips. On the last hand of the night, with blinds at 250/500 got aces for first time. An ace was exposed so I bet 2k, and everyone folded which was a bummer. Other than that and a couple of other mistakes, thought I played pretty well for my first time and learned a lot. Though I might just fold Aq and AJ. Playing those hands easily cost 50k in chips. I would raise and get called, or call a raise, often double barell on cb after it missed and get called. Not sure how to play them and why I couldn’t scare anyone away. Am I that readable?

Wish I could say it was fun. Yesterday was the hardest I worked since my days trading at Bear Stearns. I have a new found appreciation for Begs achievement and I apologize to everyone I ever gave shit to for busting out early. Allegedly sitting to left of day 1 chip leader who has won a bracelet this year on day 2. Like my chances as long as I don’t get dealt Aq or aj too often.

Gl to today’s players.

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