NCPT12 – The Bad Toupee Tourney – 10/27 – Results

This is a stupid fing game where luck – excuse the reference – Trumps skill consistently.  So to spend anymore than the minimum amount of time on congratulating last night’s winner Glenn, and to thanking Mark on setting up the Trump venue would be a waste.  So congratulations and thanks.

Next game 11/17, details to follow.  League Website will be updated later. Have a nice Halloween. 

NCPT12 – Begs’ Legal Defense Fund Game – October 6th- Results

The Poker gods were very fickle last night – not unlike a young man at his bachelor party having to choose which scantily clad woman should give him a lap dance (sorry Nance, couldn’t resist).  After hitting quads on the first hand, you thought it was Begs’ night.  Ultimately he proved unworthy – finishing only one spot higher than his nemesis Mr. Schiowitz .  Mr.  Perlmutter was looking very good early on, but this Semite was quickly forgotten for another Semite who has decided to grace this world with more offspring.  Mr. Heflin, after playing Aces flawlessly against Mr. Pohly, took down Begs in a fashion similar to Begs’ beat of Dan for the championship in 2009.  But something about Yankee hater William eventually caught the Poker gods’ eye, and all of a sudden he was graced by a run of cards and a massive chip stack.  But they remembered about him taking the extra cake home at the TPC last year, so their favor shifted to our newest member Mr. Ginsburg.  Somehow Rob with his new prosthetic took out Dan in third place and went on to capture the title on the night over William, with your humble bard taking fourth.  Congrads Rob on a great win. 

Cash game was much fun, snacks were great, and thanks again Digitech guys for the venue.  Next game is 10/27.  Stats on webpage will be updated tomorrow.