NCPT12 – Down with JPP -Thursday February 16th – Status – Results.

Yours truly finished in 2nd place, but in doing so, I am happy to report
Gregg Hammerschlag managed to win his first tournament in league history.
Gregg played a great game all night, but heads up against me, he really took
it up a notch.  As good as he was playing, I thought I might have bested him
when my Doyle Brunson turned into trips on the turn; but he had made his
straight on the flop.  Congrads Gregg on your first win.

After bringing a nice snack (although a little on the late side) Larry put
up another good showing for a third place finish, and Nance who saved the
day by dealing at the end, had another good tournament and finished 4th.  We
aren’t sure if William likes playing poker with us or hates it, but he
played well enough to take 5th place over a disappointed Begs who finished
on the bubble.

Cash good seemed like fun, but there were two things disappointing on the
night:  First I was bummed Zinn not more in the mix, as I had prepared
Jeremy Lin like puns using Jeff’s last name.  I guess those will have to
wait.  Also a little disturbing that Schiowitz felt compelled to steal cards
off the table and run away.  Generally, that behavior is frowned upon,
unless you are like four years old, and even then.

Next game is March 15th.  I won’t have website updated until after February
break.  Have a good holiday.