NCPT12 Final Table – We Have a Champ!

Well we planned to have a 6 hour game, but we managed to wrap it up in 4. A lot of big hands early on which damaged a lot of stacks – no more so than chip leader Gregg. Gregg shoved holding pocket 10s on a 9 high flop. But Mr.Kadlec threes tripped up and he was gone.

Next big hand was a three way all in between Dan, MT and Ben after a flop. Mark hit a straight on flop, and had a straight flush draw. Dan had a set of 6s, and Ben had a flush draw and open ended straight draw. Ben ended up getting the high end of the straight and tripled up.

After that hand, Ben was in command. He just played great, although he did get lucky against me hitting his third two on the turn and knocking me out in 4th. A couple of hands later, Begs shoved all in with a-4 after a 10,4, 2 rainbow flop. Begs had about 50% of Ben’s stack, and Ben eventually made an outstanding call holding only pocket 7s.

Mr. Ginsberg had a run of cards like I have never seen. Every hand seemed like he was hitting trips, flushes, or full houses. He even hit quads early on. Before Ben knocked out Begs, he was the chip leader. But heads up against Ben, and holding pocket fives, the magic died. Ben’s pocket jacks held up and he claimed the title.

Congratulations Ben, great job coming back to make final table and winning the championship. Feel like we got a great shot with you to get us back to final table. Good luck.

Thanks again to everyone on a fun season and if I don’t see you, have a great summer.
Michael Levine

NCPT12 – Final Regular Season Game on 6/7 – Results and Final Stats

After his dismal results in the WSOP and other tournaments, I declared this year as the “anybody buy Larry year”.  But after a dismal start to the season, Larry just turned it on and put in a performance for the ages to edge Gregg (last night’s third place finisher) by four points to take the regular season title with 246 points.  Larry really deserves it – obviously his results these last few months and over the life of the league demonstrate that he might be the NCPT’s best player.  Shouldn’t that garner us at least a 5th place finish in the WSOP?

Congrads Larry, but also kudos goes out to Gregg who also had a great season and really deserves better after finishing third last night.   The other big story on the night belongs to our newlywed Ben, whose second place finish enabled him to leap frog into 9th place for points – thereby knocking out Mr. Taylor from the TPC.  So the final table is as follows – Larry, Gregg, Me, Begs, Kadlec, Schiowitz, David P, Perlmutter, Ginsberg, Ben and William with Gregg taking the p&l title, Begs the kill title, and Mr. Perlmutter the average finish award.

I will send out details re the TPC as soon as I can and the website is updated with the final results.  Thanks to everyone for a great season, and to all my fans, there is still the TPC to be won.