Last Men Standing

It was fun while it lasted

Going into Day 3, Gregg and I were the only two NCPT members remaining in the Main Event. Neither of us were endowed with chips to spare. Early on, I doubled up when my pocket aces held up against KK. Pre-flop, there was one caller, the guy to my right raised, I re-raised, he re-raised, I shoved. The board did not hurt me or help him, so I doubled up to 131,000. After that early promise, I went completely card dead. There were stacks over 200k and 300k at my table, so hard to play with air.

Forty five minutes into Day 3 action, Gregg ran into a windmill. He woke up with AK and bet 5K. The button made it 12k, he called. The flop came 296, Gregg shoves and the button according to Gregg, “can’t call fast enough with pocket 9s.” That ended Hamer’s run.

I made it through the first break, at which point I was down to 33k. The blinds had gone up halfway during the first two hours to 400 antes, and 1200-2400 blinds, since we had played an extra half a level the night before.

So, with less than 15 big blinds to go, it was time to find my shoving hand. Starting hands were abysmal. When I got pocket 3s and shoved pre-flop, the next four players folded until it got to Louise Francoeur, who had about 350,000 in chips, and with whom Norm Chad had been shamelessly flirting with earlier in the session, going so far as to give offer her a Starburst, which apparently he did last year before she cashed. She insta-called and turned over AA, which held up, ending my Main Event.

Getting knocked out of any tournament sucks, and this one in particular. You’re making the sausage for 10-11 hours a day plus the breaks between levels and 90 minute dinner break. You focus, you play your best, you get a beat down. But it’s what we do. For a few days a year, you get to test your mettle against the best in the world, a good chunk of them who do nothing else but play poker. If you went out to play golf with Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day and didn’t come home the winner, would you be beating yourself up? You can’t even call what I play at a country club golf. How about singles in a Grand Slam tennis tournament? Anyone of us going to make it through the first round? How about win a set? A game? So, sure, none of us won, none of us cashed, none of us bagged chips at the end of Day 3. It kind of makes sense. The thing that doesn’t make sense, is Begs making it to the November 9. That is freaky-deaky. And I’m not taking anything away from Begs. The endurance, skill, and luck involved in getting through this tournament is ridiculous.

On the morning of Day 3, I rode over to Rio with a guy who turned out to be a neurosurgeon from North Carolina. I asked him, “Which is harder, brain surgery or making it through the Main Event?” Without having to think about it, he said “Making it through the Main Event. You can learn how to do brain surgery, and lots of people can do it.”

So, any of you guys want to enroll in medical school with me? Oh, I forgot, I can’t stand the site of blood. I guess I’ll stick with poker.

The Line on NCPT2016

I know a guy who knows a guy that tells me our buddy Flopthenuts is taking action on the upcoming season. Here is the line:

Odds to win 2015 – 2016 NCPT regular season

Ben 10 -1

M Taylor, S Silverman, RFG 13 – 1

Levine 24-1

Kobi 30-1

William 35 – 1

Everyone else 16-1

Anyone can be shorted at the win odds plus 12 points.

Maximum bet $100 to win.  Maximum short bet is enough to win $300.  

Short bet example.  Let’s say you want to short Schiowitz to win the max $300.  Take his win odds (16), add 12 and lay 28 to win 1 or to win the max lay $8,400 to win 300.

Let me know, and we can hook youse guys up.

NCPT16 – Preseason Notice, Schedule and League Rules

After taking most of last season off from reporting here on, I hereby resolve to be a more conscientious correspondent. We’re also opening up these pages to you for your literary contributions. Furthermore, any emails sent to the league general distribution list are fair game for reproduction here.

Commissioner Levine writes:

First the final schedule:   9/17,10/15, 11/12, 12/3, 1/7, 1/28, 2/25, 3/17, 4/7 , 4/28, 5/19, 6/9  TPC 6/23 with snow day at 6/16.

So the first game is on 9/17 at Trump, 730pm start time – please let me know if you cannot attend.  I will be bringing snack.

Second, here are league fees – $300 membership fee, $60 per game fee, with members pre-paying first nine games for $540.   Tournaments will remain $300 buy-in, with one re-buy allowed through first few buy-ins.  We have 21 players, and this total should raise us around $18k. That will be enough to cover WSOP buy in, a 5k second prize, some travel expenses, and money for new supplies.

The league roster is as follows:  1. Me, 2. Mark Taylor, 3. Nancy, 4. Schiowitz, 5. Matt Shaw, 6. Kadlec, 7. Eichenberg, 8. Kobi, 9.  William 10. Hammer, 11. RTG, 12. Warm, 13. Kidcatcher 14. Sang, 15. Lambert, 16. Perlmutter, 17. Steve Silverman, 18. JWo, 19. Medway, 20. Paul, and finally 21. Begs.

I think 21 players is the ideal size for deeper games, so if anyone on this list wants to drop for any reasons and with no hard feelings, please let me know ASAP.  Still time for me to try and get a couple of players.

Finally, I think I might take some league money and buy Robert Ginsburg’s table.  That means I can offer our blue felted  table with wood race track table cheap.  Anyone interested?

Official term sheet below, unless I hear otherwise, I will take silence as acceptance.
New Castle Poker Tour 2016 Term Sheet

Membership Privileges:  Only members can qualify for year-end TPC and can share in the winnings of the League Champs. In addition, all members have first right of refusal for monthly tournaments for a period of up to one week prior to a schedule game.
Membership Fee:  $300 membership fee plus $540 pre-pay of Contribution to year-end pot to be applied to first nine tournaments.  Members playing more than nine tournaments will contribute another $60 to the year-end pot for each game played.

League Structure:  Unless changed by Commissioner, we will schedule twelve games of Multi-Table Sit and Go (“Multi-Table”)– $300 buy in, one rebuy allowed over for first few blinds levels as determined by Commissioner at game time.  Payouts for tournament will also be determined by commissioner and will be a function of total buy ins and rebuys.

Multi-Table Points – Members finishing in 1st-through 10th place will be receiving points in the following manner:  13 points to 1st place, then 10 to 2nd, followed by 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.  Each place point will be  multiplied by the square root of number of players at the tournament –so tournaments with more players have more points available.

Non-members finishing in a point slot will take the point slot away from a member.

Pace of Play Guidelines –Unless doing hosting responsibilities, if not in your seat at time of play, hand will be folded. At all times, players should be cognizant of the pace of play, and to keep the game going.  Penalties can be imposed on any player for not abiding by Pace of Play Guidelines.

TPC Qualification:  Top 10 point holders from regular season will qualify for TPC.  If there is a two-way tie for 10th place, TPC will be expanded to 11.  More than a two place tie will be determined by a coin toss.  If a member cannot make TPC, next place finisher in league qualifies for TPC.

Tournament of Champions Format (TPC):  For those who qualify for TPC, their regular season point totals will be converted to chips and our TPC Champion will be that tournament winner.  Points will be converted into chip totals in a manner determined by Commissioner, and will reflect regular seat point total rankings. Chips may be added for Kills, Average Finish, and Profitability, but those will be determined by Commissioner over course of the year.

TPC Champ – Should receive ten thousand dollars, which they must use to buy into a tournament at casino of their choosing. Anything they win in that tournament will be shared with league membership as follows: 30% of the first $200 thousand dollars in prize money and 20% percent on incremental prize amounts above $200 thousand dollars will be shared with the League.  Any amounts received by League will be split equally among league members not inclusive of Champ.   This award should be used in approximately one year from receipt or will be returned to League at request of Commissioner.

Additional League Prizes- Any prize to be awarded other than to TPC champ will be determined over the course of the year by Commissioner.

Members can receive multiple awards and all terms of each award are additive; but no one member can receive more than the TPC Award.  If Awards are used towards higher buy-in tournaments (i.e. Member provides own money towards tournament), the league membership percentage cut will be adjusted appropriately.

Cancelled Games – games that are canceled due to weather or force majeure will be re-scheduled on a best efforts basis by league commissioners.  Re-schedule games require the presence of 14 members to qualify as a normal league game.

League Commissioner has the ability to change all terms and modify rules continued herein for the betterment of the League, and has the right of fining or dismissing members for behavior not favorable to promoting an enjoyable playing atmosphere.

By joining the league, you agree to all terms and conditions stated herewith, and you also agree that all League matters or conflicts to be adjudicated by league commissioner.