NCPT13 – The Esposito Tournament – April 18th – Results

This season is one of “The Haves and Have Nots”.  Being one of the latter, I am growing bitter, so please excuse my brevity in reporting last night’s results.    Congratulations to Mr. Lambert, Dr. Berck, JZ, Begs, and Gregg for their performances.  With two games still to play, another fine showing by JZ moves him 130 points above Ben (who is having a damn good season as well), making Jeff a virtual lock for Regular Season champ.  JZ also carries the distinction of knocking out the entire Taylor family last night.  Kudos goes to Matthew for out lasting his parents.  Just remember Matthew – what happens at Trump, stays at Trump.

The good news is – JZ will not be at the next game on May 9th; so that gives the rest of us a chance of winning some points and moving into the top 10.   Given the current leaderboard, even a point’s virgin like Paul has a theoretical shot to make it – so don’t lose the hope!  I keep telling myself that, but I remain bitter.

Link to website below, pw is ncpt13.

Lastly, don’t forget about the Evan’s Team Charity Poker event this Wednesday.   Be nice if a league member retains the title. Mr. Medway was last year’s winner.

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