NCPT13 – The Omega Game – Thursday December 20th – Results

As if sensing doom, five players last night fell on their sword in the first 30 minutes of play last night.  That has to be a record.   Those early knockouts were so disgusted; they didn’t stick around for the cash game that ended up developing.   Couldn’t say what happened in much detail after that, but it ended up with an unhappy Begs finishing in 5th, Dr. Berck squeezing out 4th, Mr. Taylor making an appearance at 3rd, Baines coming in 2nd, and the resilient Dan Kadlec taking the snack duty honors in 1st.

League results below, pw ncpt13.  Interesting to note, through four games, non-member Dr. Berck has captured 2nd place in overall points.  Too bad he muffed it up and didn’t know about the league sooner to become a member – he would have an excellent shot at the final table.  Sorry Doc.

Next game is around the corner on January 10th.  I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday.

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