NCPT14- Shotgun Start Holdem – Thursday 12/12 – Invite

Mike Levine writes:

Our next game is Thursday 12/12 at Trump, starting at 730pm.  Mr. Taylor is on snacks. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can’t make it.

For our next game, it will be a Shotgun Start at 7:30.  Meaning there will be no Taco, no managing of seating, no delaying the start.  I will post seating as early as possible, people will take their seats at 7:25 or so, and cards will be in the air at 7:30.  If you are late, for whatever reason you will be blinded in.  If your table has too few seats at the onset, you will have to wait until they are filled.  Late arrivals, put your buy in into an envelope provided, with you name on it and hand it to me or Mr. Schiowitz before taking your seat.  Let’s see how this goes for a game and see if it makes sense instead of me cracking the whip all the time and trying to manage equal tables.

Until then, I wish everyone a nice holiday.  Well…most of you.


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